5 of April 10
So the road of that Toddlers and Tiaras took me on was not one that best suited live music. There were a couple of shows that worked out but nothing awesome. I did see monsters of folk in boston during Howe and Howe and it was probably one of the best shows I saw all year (there album was good but the show was much better)
Anyways back to the now. I don’t know how I missed
Can’t say I have been to any amazing shows lately. I have mostly been to shows that fit the time and place where I’ve been rather than shows that I was fired up about but if your interested mostly on the folksy rock side of things
not new but recent Kevin Devine -  Another Bag of Bones - He continues to risk writing those those politicalish songs that can come off as a little heavy handed but I think it’s great.
roadside graves has a new album solid also been listening to the antlers and the rural alberta advantage
I probably have been reading more books than good shows so-
The Lazarus Project - Amazingly written and Interesting
What is the What - Dave eggers writing about sudan’s lost boys might seem like a little too much but if you are not over hearing about it a great read. not to knock the other stories, but he’s a writer, so while the story of any of these boys (now men) is compelling enough for a read regardless of the writing ability this make sure that both are strong.
Ringolevio “a life played for keeps” The story of emmett grogan. who? read it.